This is a list of stories I've written in the past. When I studied with Writer's Digest School and the Institute of Children's Literature during the first half of the 1990s, I wrote several stories for assignments. I also wrote one adult story for a writer's workshop I participated in during that time. On this page, I am posting those stories, as well as links to fanfiction stories that I have since written. Enjoy! (I also have most of my fanfiction stories posted on, and I have since also posted all of them on Archive of Our Own.)


My Teresa (1994)

In this short story, a mother must find her daughter's would-be killer after her daughter is found shot in the doctor's office where she works. Can Elena find the criminal before she becomes his next target?


Cloud Nine (1991)

This story is little more than an unfinished vignette. In it, a couple of young girls are transported to a literal Cloud Nine.

Black Star (1994)

In this short story, a young boy yearns to make friends with and care for a neighbor's horse, but the neighbor refuses to let him anywhere near. Will Danny be able to win over the crotchety neighbor?

Lori's Courage (1994)

In this short story, a young girl and her cousin must save their dog when a tornado strikes their farm. Will they be able to save Scruffy before the tornado hits?

Come Back, Spartan! (1994)

In this short story, a young boy whose father runs a circus is in danger of losing his horse, which spooks when loud noises occur. Will Joey be able to train the horse to not be afraid of noise?

Tornado Alert (1994)

In this short story, a young boy and girl who have been left home alone for the night are caught in a tornado alert. Will they be able to get to shelter in time?

The Backyard Caverns (1994)

In this short story, a young boy and girl are trapped in a series of caverns that contain a tunnel in their own back yard. Will they be able to find their way out?

The Mystery of the Missing Jewelry Box (1995)

In this short story, will a young girl be able to find her friend's missing jewelry box?


Kathy's Zorro Fanfiction Corner

This Web site contains a series of my own personal Zorro fanfiction, written from 1998 through 2003. The fanfiction is based on the "New Zorro" series starring Duncan Regehr, that aired on the Family Channel from January, 1990, till September, 1993.

Kathy's "Touched By an Angel" Fanfiction Page

This Web site contains my own personal TBAA fanfiction, written from 2001 through 2005. The fanfiction is based on the hit CBS-TV series, "Touched by an Angel," that aired from September, 1994, through April, 2003.

Kathy's J.R.R. Tolkien Page

This Web site contains my own personal J.R.R. Tolkien articles and fanfiction, which I first started writing in early 2014.

Kathy's BBC Sherlock Fanfiction Page

This Web site contains my BBC Sherlock fanfiction, which I commenced writing in the fall of 2015. It's based on the BBC-TV series, which first premiered in the summer of 2010 and aired its final episodes in January, 2017.

For Someone Besides Himself

What happened to the creatures in Chapter 11: “Aslan is Nearer,” that the White Witch turned into stone statues when she discovered that Father Christmas had given them the means to celebrate? C.S. Lewis never explained in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but I’d like to think that Aslan found about it and did something. This little one-shot, which is set in Chapter 17: “The Hunting of the White Stag,” explains how that could have happened.

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