Dear loved ones and friends:

Please forgive me if I donít begin this letter with a proper salutation, but since I donít know who will read it when the time comes, I canít properly address it to any particular person. Suffice it to say that it is intended for anyone who reads it. I first wrote this letter eight years ago, but itís even more applicable now than it was then.

By the time you read this letter, millions of people will have disappeared from the earth--including me! Iíve printed some information from the Internet, and enclosed with it a booklet titled ďWhat to Do if You Miss the Rapture!Ē; a video titled ďHave You Been Left Behind?Ē; and a DVD titled, "Did Many People Disappear? (Jesus Came. What's Next)?"--all of which will explain what has happened, and what you need to do. Iím including that information with the hard-copy version of this letter, along with a pocket-sized New Testament, a separate copy of the Gospel of John, salvation tracts, and other information. First, though, I want to say a few things.

Whatís happened is that God has taken all Christians to Heaven. Every person who accepted Jesus's free gift of salvation (free to us, that isóit cost Him everything!), and every baby and child whoís below the age of accountability (or, rather, not old enough to understand the concept of sin, what it can do, and the need for salvation) has been taken to be with the Lord. Heís given us brand-new bodies--bodies that will never die, or get sick or hurt. And not only has He called all live Christians to Heaven, He has resurrected every Christian and child whoís died since Jesus ascended to Heaven, 2,000 years ago. Heís given them the same kinds of bodies Heís given us. (If you visit the area cemeteries, youíll discover that many of the graves are now empty.) Not only are all adult and teenage born-again Christians gone, so are the babies and young children, both the living and the dead. Theyíve been taken up, too, as Iíve said.

(BTW, there may be supposed Christians who were left behind. If so, you need to know this: many think they are Christians simply because they try to be good people, or because they go to church, or because they come from Christian families. Only the person who recognizes his sinfulness and makes the decision to accept Jesusí offer of salvation can go to Heaven, and these people have failed to do that. If you want to read about how Jesus saved my soul, click on this link.)

The first thing I want you to know is this: I am not dead! I am in Heaven, yes, but I did not die to go up there. That's right, my soul and spirit are still firmly attached to my body, which is now made of a material that can live in both Heaven and on earth! (It's the same material that Jesus' body is made of.) I am just as alive and well as I was before I left earth, and maybe more so. So please donít grieve.

The reason Iím typing this is because my concern, now, is for you. You need to know whatís going to happen and what you need to do. The information I printed out and stored in the envelope will explain, better than I can, those things--please read it! All of it! And watch the video and DVD, too! Itís vital that you do so, and Iíll tell you why.

What happened to the other Christians and me is something that God predicted 2,000 years ago. Long before that, He predicted that there would be a resurrection of the good and the wicked, but only after Jesus came did He predict that there would be a generation of believers that would never know death, but go to Heaven without dying. We are part of that generation, and I had the privilege of being caught up when the day came. We will be in Heaven for 7 years or more, until Jesus comes back to this planet.

In the meantime, terrible times are coming for the people left on the earth. There will be a 7-year period that the Bible calls the Tribulation, and Jesus Himself said that it would be so bad that unless He cut it short, no one would be saved. Thankfully, Jesus said that, for the sake of those who accept Him during that period, those days will be shortened. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people will die while the Tribulationís in progress. Godís wrath will be poured out on the world during that time. It will be His last-ditch effort to get peopleís attention so theyíll turn to Him; unfortunately, the majority of the people will refuse to listen, and will die and go to Hell as a result.

My plea and my prayer is that you will not be among those people!!! Please heed what Iím writing, what the people who wrote the information I printed out wrote, and whatís explained on the video and the DVD, and the rest of the information Iíve collected for you. I canít promise that youíll survive physically, but if youíll do what Iím telling you, I promise that you will survive spiritually, and then when itís over, youíll be resurrected, too--to spend eternity with Jesus. When that happens, weíll be together again, always.

There will soon be a one-world government, headquartered in Europe, and its leader will be an extremely wicked man that the Bible calls by a number of names--the Antichrist, the Man of Sin, the beast, etc. He will sign a 7-year covenant with Israel that will officially start the Tribulation. The Antichrist will be possessed by Satan himself, will have the ability to deceive people, and will demand worship. And the way heíll get it is this: heíll set in motion a system where people have to accept in the hand or forehead something that the Book of Revelation calls a mark. No one will be able to buy, sell, or hold a job without one. To receive the mark, theyíll have to worship the Antichrist and reject all other gods, including the true God. To make it worse, there will come a time when anyone who refuses the mark (which will be either a tattoo or, more likely, a computer implant or perhaps an RFID tattoo) will be executed, put to death. They will die as martyrs.

Please, please, donít--I repeat, do NOT--accept that mark!!!! The Bible makes it very plain that to do so will be an unforgivable sin. Anyone who does will be condemned to Hell for all eternity--they will not be able to accept Jesus as Savior if theyíve accepted the Antichristís mark. If you take it, weíll never be together again, and you will suffer Godís wrath forever. I donít want that to happen to you; PLEASE heed what Iím saying! I beg you.

When the 7-year period ends, Jesus will return to Earth, and we who were Raptured or resurrected will come with him--on white horses! Jesus will bind the devil and lock him in a bottomless pit for a thousand years. Everyone who accepted the mark and worshipped the Antichrist--those who are still alive when He comes--will die. Those believers in Jesus who survived the Tribulation will go into Jesusí new Kingdom as mortal believers. They will marry, have children, and hold jobs or run their own businesses. They will live throughout the 1000-year period. The only people who will die during the Millennium will be unbelievers who commit serious sins (some of the surviving believersí children, grandchildren, etc., will be unbelievers, sad to say).

If you are able to survive till then, you will do the same. If not, you will be resurrected and given a new body, and youíll be part of the new Kingdom, too. And either way, weíll be together once more, and it will be a happy time, believe me! Then, after 1,000 years, God will sentence the devil to be trapped forever in a horrible lake of fire (along with everyone who refused to accept Jesus). Heíll destroy this earth, and create a brand-new one and a brand-new universe to go with it. Everyone from throughout history who had a personal relationship with God will live with God on that new earth forever, in the kind of resurrection bodies those of us who were Raptured or resurrected are enjoying now.

I want you all to be part of this, too--those of you who were left behind--so Iím leaving you this information, both this online version and the hard-copy version. Iím also leaving you my Bibles, my Bible prophecy books (both nonfiction and novels), and my other Christian books, videos, DVDs, audiocassettes, and CDs. Please read them, watch them, and listen to them; in particular, watch the video and the DVD Iíve enclosed with the hard-copy version of this letter, read the information in the two manila envelopes, and read my Bibles--theyíre yours now. And pray that God will protect you and guide you, because now as never before, your lives depend on your doing so.

Thatís all I can think of to say right now, so Iíll close off here. Now that youíve read my letter, please read carefully the information I included in the manila envelopes with it, and watch the video and the DVD. The video itself is over 15 minutes long, so it wonít take you long to watch it all. And the DVD itself is just a little less than 15 minutes long, so it wonít take you long to watch it, either. (And if you're reading this online letter, obviously you won't be able to watch the video or the DVD I have in my home, so watch these 3 Internet videos below, if they still work--one is less than 15 minutes long, and another is a little over 15 minutes long. The third is almost a half-hour long, but it'll be well worth the time it'll take to watch it all. The first video is the same video as I have on the DVD.) I will pray that God will see you through the tough times that are coming, so that we can be together again. Until then, know that I love you!


Kathy G.

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