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On this page are listed a number of TV shows, channels, and movies. Oh, yes, I've also included some fanfiction sites, as well. Enjoy!



Review: "'Grizzly Mountain': Time Out to Stop the Bad Guys"

Grizzly Mountain (IMDb)

Grizzly Mountain (

Star Wars (Wikipedia)

Star Wars I--II--III--IV--V--VI (

The Place of Our Legacy: Science Fiction Fanfiction

The Star Wars Fan Fiction Library Site

The Force.Net: Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

Star Wars Revelations: A Panic Struck Productiom Film

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Wikipedia)

E.T.--The Extra-Terrestrial (The Official Web Site)

ET--The Extraterrestrial: 20th Anniversary

The Queen (film) (Wikipedia)

The Queen Official Website

March of the Penguins (Wikipedia)

The Wizard of Oz (1939 film) (Wikipedia)

The Wizard of Oz

To Sir, with Love (Wikipedia)

To Sir with Love (1967)

The Polar Express (Wikipedia)

The Polar Express

Enchanted (Wikipedia)



Enchanted (

Enchanted (Reelz Channel: Everything About Movies 24/7)

Enchanted Fanfiction

Movie Review: Enchanted (

"Enchanted: Happily Ever After Is Possible" (

Air Bud (Wikipedia)

Air Bud

Air Buddies (Wikipedia)

Air Buddies

Snow Buddies (Wikipedia)

Snow Buddies

Space Buddies (Wikipedia)

Space Buddies

Santa Buddies (Wikipedia)

Santa Buddies (official Web site)

Santa Buddies

The Search for Santa Paws

The Jesus Film (Wikipedia)

Inspirational Films (the Jesus film)

The Jesus Film Project

Jesus Video Project: Bringing JESUS Into Every Home in America

Jesus DVD Web site

Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

Jesus Film Harvest Partners: A Ministry of the Church of the Nazarene (The JESUS Film Changes Lives)

"Evangelism: Jesus DVD Landing in Mailboxes Nationwide" (CBN)

The MAC Project: The Short-Term Sending Ministry of the JESUS Film Project

Who is Jesus?: The Most Influential Life Ever Lived (Tough Questions, Honest Answers) (Web site based on the Jesus film)

Historic Jesus (Web site based on the Jesus film)

If you want to watch the Jesus movie online, click on this link.

If you want to watch the children's version of the Jesus movie online--The Story of Jesus for Children--click on this link.

The Passion of the Christ (Wikipedia)

"The Passion of the Christ" (The Jesus Film Project)

The Passion of the Christ (a Mel Gibson movie)

The Premiere International Fan Website: Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST

The Passion of the Christ

See the See "The Passion" with your own eyes; Feel it in your heart forever (An independent Website in support of "The Passion of the Christ")

The Passion of the Christ Materials

The Passion of the Christ: Perhaps the Best Outreach Opportunity in 2000 Years

Share The Passion of the Christ

The Life: Explore The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ (CBN)

The Passion of the Christ (Do you have questions about Jesus Christ?...) (CBN)

After The Passion

My Life After "The Passion of the Christ"

Catholic Passion Outreach

The Gospel of John (Wikipedia)

The Gospel of John (movie video/DVD)

"The Gospel of John Film," by Andy Naselli

The Gospel of John (2003) (Arts & Faith)

The Nativity Story (Wikipedia)

The Nativity Story

The Nativity Story (

Movie Review: The Nativity Story

"The Nativity Story" (PG)--A Review

Christianity Today O Little Town (an article about The Nativity Story)

St. Anthony Messenger Feature Article: "The Nativity Story: The Making of the Movie"

One Night with the King (Wikipedia)

One Night with the King: The True Story of Queen Esther

Movie Review: "One Night with the King" (

Entertainment: One Night with the King Opens in Theaters" (

Amazing Grace (Wikipedia)

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace (

Hollywood's "Amazing Grace": What the New Movie Covers Up About William Wilberforce

First Landing

Fireproof (film) (Wikipedia)


Billy Graham: The Early Years

"Billy Graham Movie Hits Bible Belt Theaters" (The Christian Post)


Discovery Channel

Animal Planet


PBS Online: Education, Culture, Citizenship

TV Guide

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) the magic lives online

ABC Family Channel


Welcome to HGTV!

TV Land

Disney Princess


The rest of the links are Web sites covering TV shows, both current and old. Some consist of informative Web sites about the series or their actors. Others are fanfiction sites. There will be more links added in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy!


The Lone Ranger (Wikipedia)

Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger

Hi-yo, Clayton! A Remembrance by Rob Word

Batman (TV series) (Wikipedia)

Batman (

Da-Da-Da-Da, Da-Da-Da-Da, BATMAN! (fanfiction based on the 1960s series)

Grizzly Adams (Wikipedia)

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

The Fall Guy (Wikipedia)

The Fall Guy (

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy (Tim's TV Showcase)

Fantasy Island (Wikipedia)

Fantasy Island (

Jeopardy! (Wikipedia)

JEOPARDY! Interactive

Lost in Space (Wikipedia)

Lost In Space: The Classic Series

Zorro (Wikipedia)

Zorro, the Fox (a comprehensive list of links to various Zorro sites, including fanfiction)

Annette Funicello (Wikipedia)

The Mickey Mouse Club (Wikipedia)

The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show



The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Wikipedia)

The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (

Bibleman (Wikipedia)


Whit's End (Wikipedia)

Whit's End

Judge Judy (Wikipedia)

Judge Judy

Dr. Phil (Wikipedia)

Dr. Phil

American Idol (Wikipedia)

American Idol

Kid Nation (Wikipedia)

Kid Nation

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Wikipedia)

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Ty's Great British Adventure (Wikipedia)

Ty's Great British Adventure

Ty Pennington (Wikipedia)

Puppy Bowl (Wikipedia)

Puppy Bowl

TV Tome

70s Live Action Kids Vid: My Tribute to the Saturday Morning Shows of the 70s

FanFiction.Net (Unleash Your Imagination and Free Your Soul


Roy Rogers (Wikipedia)

A Tribute to Roy Rogers

KAMCHIK, The Singing Cowboy: Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys

The Official Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Web Site


Gilligan's Island (Wikipedia)

Gilligan's Island (TV Guide Online)

The Gilligan's Island Fan Club

Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island Trivia

Here On The Island

Gilligan's Island on TNT

EMERGENCY! (70s show)

Emergency! (Wikipedia)

Emergency! (TV Guide Online)

The EMERGENCY! Fan Site--WWW-Related Links

Emergency!: The Unofficial Fan Page

EMERGENCY! Free Fan-Fic Art

Code Red!

Station 51: Emergency! Fan Fiction

As The Siren Turns

Junior's Journals

KMG 365

The Junior Squad!

Fanfiction: Bonanza, Star Wars, and Emergency!

[email protected]

THE WALTONS (70s show)

The Waltons (Wikipedia)

The Waltons (TV Guide Online) directory


Little House on the Prairie

Little House On the Prairie (TV Guide Online)

Little House on the Prairie Homepage

Little House on the Prairie: The Homepage

My Little House on the Prairie Home Page


Touched by an Angel (Wikipedia)

Touched By an Angel (TV Guide Online)

Welcome to Touched By An Angel on the Web

TBAA Fanfiction Mailing List (Yahoo! Groups)

Touched By an Angel reruns schedule (The Hallmark Channel)

"Jolted By an Angel," Focus on the Family

Touched By an Angel Series Finale (

Welcome to Angeltales

Touched By An Angel, created by Tiffany Anthony

William Babcock's "Touch By an Angel" Page

Seeing With Your Heart (a Web site that includes a link to some TBAA fanfiction)

Kathy's "Touched By an Angel" Fanfiction Page, created by yours truly


Kathy's Page (my home page)

Christian Web Sites

Books, Writing, and Web Sites for Writers

Zorro the Fox

My Friend, Kathryn Grant

People with Special Needs

My Writings